Are You Paying Enough Attention to Your Landing Page?

Some companies who advertise online pay small attention to their landing page.  That’s a mistake.

I suppose it’s a sign of the times that sparkly images, dazzling video, and clever copy have become the darlings of those who advertise.  So it’s no wonder that landing pages  – the pages that people are sent to when they click on an ad – are often neglected.

The neglect can range from just awful landing pages, for example, pages with sparse content or that don’t reflect the message in the ad, to landing pages that are ordinary general website pages with lots of distracting content.

Google looks at the whole customer experience chain from ad to keywords and then on to the landing page.  If lots of people click on an ad and then consistently and quickly leave it, Google concludes that you are not providing the quality experience that they want their users to have.

How does poor landing page performance affect you?  It’s simple, either your ads don’t get shown as much, or they’ll be expensive to run.

Here’s a short video from Google explaining the landing page performance factor:

Make sure your landing pages are:

  • Specific to and connected to the ad message
  • Use the same keywords as in your ads
  • Speak to what your visitor really wants
  • Is split tested along with other elements

Just remember that Google wants to provide their users with the best customer experience.  If you help them out with that, your ad campaigns will be much more affordable, and much more effective.

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