Google Changes The Ad Game With Machine Learning

Google is deploying machine learning across its ad platform. 

Machine learning is the science of getting computers to learn from data and act without being programmed.  There’s actually a lot of definitions, but this one captures the essence.

The advantage of it is that machine learning as its name implies can make computers smarter.  The beauty of it is that only the geeks creating it need to understand how it works.

The majority of businesses using Google ads only need to know that Google is in the process of deploying machine learning across its advertising systems.  The idea is to improve advertising results for the user and to make it more simple for people to use (and hopefully less expensive!)

“The ways people get things done are constantly changing, from finding the closest coffee shop to organizing family photos. Earlier this year, we explored how machine learning is being used to improve our consumer products and help people get stuff done.”

They’re rebranding their ad ecosystem from “Google Adwords” to “Google Ads”.  Stay tuned to this blog as we explore what this really means to businesses that want to run effective ads in the future.  We’re going to find out the details, and offer suggestions on how you can benefit from this game-changing technology.

In the meantime, click on the image below to see some of Google’s more informative Facebook posts on the subject.

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