Sarasota Roofers Online Presence Benchmark Study

Sarasota Roofer Online Presence Benchmark Study

If you’re in the roofing business in Florida, you’ll be interested in this benchmark online presence case study.

Why This Roofing Case Study Is Important

Roofing in the Sarasota, Florida area is highly competitive, and successful roofing companies need to give themselves every opportunity to differentiate themselves from competitors, and/or to grow the value of their brand.  Roofing organizations in other areas of the country can also benefit from understanding this case study.

Online presence is not the only important marketing factor, but more than ever, the online presence of any company is critical to its long term success. It’s a measure of:

  1. How competitive your business is in attracting new leads
  2. How trustworthy is your brand – customers will look you up online even if they have been referred by word of mouth or traditional ads
  3. Your Google star rating and reviews are displayed everywhere, 24/7 online for all who are searching for your services to see
  4. A negative or lack of online presence creates uncertainty in a prospect’s mind and encourages them to search for alternatives
  5. Pride of ownership and employees
  6. The value of the business – an outstanding online presence is a business asset that drives revenue and profit

Case Study Info and Results:

We sampled 124 roofing contractors in the Sarasota and Bradenton areas in Florida and evaluated their online presence metrics.   Taken together, these metrics paint a picture that describes the overall strength of the company’s online presence.  We couldn’t find fully accurate information in all cases, but we have enough to see clearly the average, top 10, and bottom 10 results.

  • Company Name and Address
  • Year Started
  • #Employees
  • Website Type
  • Blog?
  • Site Load Time
  • SSL Verified?
  • Video On Homepage
  • #Citations
  • Click To Call on the website?
  • Google MY Business Connection
  • # Facebook and Twitter Likes and followers
  • Other Social Media Connections
  • Mobile Optimized Site
  • Chatbot?
  • Ranking of Google Maps
  • Google My Business Posts and videos
  • #Verified Google Reviews
  • #Google Bad Reviews
  • #Google Good Reviews
  • #Reviews gained in the last 30 Days
  • Keywords In Homepage
  • #Website Backlinks
  • Keyword In Title
  • #Groupon Offers
  • Keyword Location
  • Monthly Search Volume
  • PPC Google Ads Monthly Budget
  • Google Analytics present?
  • Google Tag Manager?
  • Retargeting Pixels?
  • YouTube URL and Subscribers?
  • #YouTube Videos and views
  • Google Video Search ranking

Here’s an infographic showing a few of the key average metrics for all 124 companies:

Sarasota Roofers Online Presence Benchmark Case Study
Sarasota Roofers Online Presence Benchmark Case Study


From the data averages of the 124 companies, we could see that there is plenty of opportunity for all roofing firms in the area to increase their business and build their brand’s online presence.  There were big differences between what the top 10 companies and the bottom 10 are doing for their online presence. Depending on the company’s situation, much of it is simple to improve upon.  For example,

  • In this sample,  75 of the 124 companies have 10 Google reviews or less, with 32 of them having none.  These companies should start building their Google reviews.  Some of them depend on review sites like Trust Advisor and Angie’s List, but people use Google search almost 90% of the time to find products and services.
  • Only 8 of the 124 sampled had a verified Google My Business listing – this is a major strategic error on something that’s relatively easy to fix.  GMB has become one of the most powerful factors in online branding and reputation management.
  • A new metric that we’re tracking is a click to text or text-enabled landline feature on the business website. Today, a majority of consumers would prefer to text a business rather than call.  Only 37% of the sampled companies (46) have this highly consumer-preferred feature on their website.
  • At the time of sampling, only 20 of the 124 companies were running PPC ads.  It can’t be concluded that the other 104 don’t run PPC ads because some companies will turn these ads on or off depending on their circumstances.  However consistent ad spend, even if it’s a small amount, keeps the company’s online presence high and top of mind when it’s time for consumers to find a roofer.  The top 1o online presence roofers in this sample spend over $1300 per month on PPC ads.
  • Strengthening social media engagement, and YouTube videos and ads are opportunities for all 124 companies.

If you would like to get a free assessment of your roofing company’s online presence – go here.

If you would like to have a full report, with all metrics, or to see how the top 10 or bottom ten fared, please contact us – we’d be happy to share the data.

In the coming months, we will be conducting a number of these assessments for different local industries.  Let us know if you’d like to have one done for your local niche.

Study and article by Greg Jordan of Next Level Local Business  –, a Sarasota marketing and advertising company specializing in traffic, online reputation, and marketing copywriting.

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